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I started my business because I enjoy sewing & crafts. My nieces have always loved for me to sew for them. One day, my niece, Gracie told me “I love how the sewing machine makes fabric become something.” She was my inspiration to start teaching people how to sew.

Simply put, our mission is devoted to you or your child–making the most of your creative talent and helping you achieve your goals. It’s always about you!

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        Sewing is FUN & a lifetime skill!






Nancy Kinas Gilliam ★★★★★ - “Just our first class before summer camp. I expect good things.”

 Amanda Brooks Leach ★★★★★ “Last year I decided to try sewing and found Gracie Lynn’s Sewing & Crafts. The last time I had tried sewing was in middle school Home Ec class and it was a disaster. I didn’t think I’d be any good at it but I wanted to know how to do something besides work and be a mom. Johnnie is a great teacher! She’s patient and reminded me I didn’t have to be perfect on my very first project. I enjoy my class time and just being at the shop. It’s a great place to learn and spend time!”

 Jennifer Moore ★★★★★ “They have a great sewing teacher. My daughter goes here and loves it.”

 Ashley Shelton Craven ★★★★★ “We had a fantastic time tonight making bird nest necklaces! Thank you so much for hosting us and our Mom’s Night Out!”

 Jamie Brummel ★★★★★ “What a great place to learn to sew and have fun!! We love it”

 Snow Wagner Brenner ★★★★★ “Needed to learn how to use a new machine I got. Johnnie was so very helpful. Easy explanations, hands on instruction and wonderful patience. Recommend Gracie Lynn for All ages.”

Crystal Nicole Arnold ★★★★★ “Ms. Johnnie taught my daughter about fabric choices as well as how to sew. So glad my daughter has a better understanding of fashion and craftsmanship now.”